The Aim of the Game

Three Expeditions, each using a set of colored arrows, where players take turns advancing from city to city in countries all over the world. As you explore you’ll learn about famous explorers and amazing destinations. All players may take part in each Expedition where you’re trying to influence the direction of travel so target destinations are reached and points are awarded.

Expedition Cards

You advance in the game when your Expedition reaches a Location that matches an Expedition Card in your hand. Your Expedition will have Important Destinations where you can score more points.

Ending the Game

When a player has scored the last Expedition Card from his hand or all arrows from all three Expeditions have been used. Strategic but non technical is the name of this game, every move can be a step towards progressing or not.

Background on Game

Expedition was made in 2013. Shane Myerscough from Grey Fox Games (who also founded Social Sloth Games) was a part of development. Shane and his business partner Rajan wanted this title as a Social Sloth game as they felt it was perfect for students and families to have fun.

The game play is fun and immersive and not technical, but something all members of a family would enjoy playing, which is exactly what Social Sloth Games is all about.  It will take you back to 1488 when Bartlomeu Dias sailed around the Southern tip of Africa in the South Atlantic Ocean where a padrão cross was erected. Or travel the Amazon Basin in South America where one of Francisco Pizzaro’s lieutenants set out in 1541 in search of the lost city of gold.